Forestry Mulching Spartanburg

One of the best ways to be mindful of the environment is to reduce waste and reuse anything we possibly can. Mulching is a fantastic way to eliminate plant waste during the land clearing process.
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You don’t want large fields and lots filled with briers and pests and trees, when you want a swimming pool, a patio, or a beautiful lawn for the kids! You want beautiful green grass, open space and a space place for your family and friends to enjoy.  You want Spartanburg Bush Hogging! Let us put your valuable land to good use. 

Land clearing can leave a field with wide space of nothing but dirt and mud. Often times, land clearing creates a fresh slate of soil. Mulching the brush that was removed is a great way to but the natural environment back into creating the vision you have for your property. It’s a great first step towards taking a patch of soil and turning it into the rolling green hills you’re looking for. It helps support the soil and prevent further erosion, and gives the topsoil some extra substance, to prevent washing away in the next rain as well. 

Forestry Mulching Spartanburg

Heavy duty forestry mulchers can clear up to fifteen acres of vegetation a day depending on terrain, density, and type of material. Forestry mulchers are often used for land clearing, wildfire prevention and management, vegetation management, invasive species control, and wildlife restoration. Forestry mulchers can be used in commercial and residential land clearing projects such as site preparation and development, cutting and clearing brush, nature and recreational trail creation. Spartanburg Bush Hogging is happy to offer professional forestry mulching services in the area.

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